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As Editor-in-Chief, I Samuel Thomas Gunasekharan, have a Post Graduate Degree in Criminology and Correctional Administration from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Achieving a dream of becoming and pursuing a career of a private eye, I got the opportunity and worked as a Private Investigator for a few very reputed firms (cannot name them) in Mumbai. After a particular event where I was injured, I returned to Nagpur and after registering a small firm by the name of The Protectors, I started undertaking cases of industrial espionage, brand-infringement (copy/fake), marital-infidelity cases (which I still undertake).

When the cases were slow and income source scarce, I had applied to the post of Sub-Editor cum Reporter in one of the Newspapers based in the city having circulation in three states. With a working knowledge of English, I was pretty successful in creating a name for myself as a good journalist. I changed the newspapers and finally joined an on-line news agency. I was good and competent and finally left that to start my own on-line news portal. 

Our team wished to create a platform that would be a lot more than source of news, it would bring out the joy hidden in the words and in reading.

We wanted to upload stories that interest youngsters. 

We wanted to give a space to youngsters to give vent to their feelings, express their opinions. 

We both wanted to upload stories of everlasting importance. 

We wanted to carry trade and business news. 

We wanted to carry news and articles of latest technological advancement. 

We wanted to carry news and articles of latest socio-religious and cultural activities. 


We wanted to be different from other news portals by uploading news, articles that are factual without spicing it while being impartial. We did not want to fall into the typical stereotype of posting any article for the revenue through advertisements. We wanted to be journalists who stand by what we are posting.  We do not want to antagonize anybody or anyone with any post that we upload.  


Hope you log into our website often and read the articles and posts that we upload. 

For enquiries on cost of advertisements and other enquiries, please contact us on samuelgunasekharan@gmail.com

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