Are women safe even in 21st century?

Even if we have entered into the 21st century, women are still at risk of violence both in public and private spheres, in and around their own homes, in neighborhoods.

We are global citizens and so all issues concerning every human being whether men or women are now connected. Something that happens in US affects people in the remotest part. So we can't afford to keep quiet on some issues because it is not happening in my country but bring the house down when something similar happens here. Also a woman's issue is a global phenomenon and a common pain. Women wherever they are - can relate to it

The recent case in Pakistan where the woman was tossed and played around with in a supposedly holy place, was where Pakistanis had gathered to ‘celebrate’ their Independence Day. Looking back at this misfortune where the Independence Day turned out to be more of a “desecrating” day- sorry about the choice of words and analogies used, but the anger within is bursting and there is no time or inclination to modify or “choose” the right words.

To add on to the exasperation of hearing this news, listening to what people have to say or rather not say has only been more infuriating. Conversations on this topic have involved people claiming that we should not bother with what happens outside our country, that our circle of concern is Hyderabad of India and not the Hyderabad of Pakistan, basically implying that only issues within his country courts his attention.

As if we are just local citizens!! Given the globalization of the markets, leadership and especially the social media and news makers, anything said/reported affects the last standing man/woman on this planet.

Every issue and phenomenon is connected to each other, just as every individual to another. A snake on the Vellengiri Hills can sense the earthquake that will happen somewhere in US, how come we human beings, the supposedly superior race isn’t able to even feel another man or woman’s pain?

We of course choose our battles as we are limited in our resources but what stops us from ‘calling out’ the wrongs? Why can’t we call a spade a spade?

How come we have become so disconnected and so contracted in our thinking, our feelings and in our abilities to empathize?

Didn’t God make us in his image and likeness? What has gone wrong? Where did we fail? How did we fall?

By Shalini Nair: A conscientious citizen.

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