Destination Hunter: A global platform for hotel and tourism industry

During the last 18 months, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Industries that has been most affected is the travel and tourism. Airlines and Hotel businesses have been most affected as the movement from one country to another or within the country have been restricted to reduce the effect of the virus.

As the airline companies are mostly listed or backed up by parent companies, these companies can revive and advertise themselves in a comparatively short span of time.

Similarly many 5 star and 3 star hotels are international chain hotels which are backed up by public funds and can survive in a situation like this.

But the budget hotels that are operated by individual owners or entities with restricted capital are facing a lot of issues to survive this pandemic. From the point of view of the tourists, people want to explore and stay at an affordable hotel with proper amenities and this is mostly found at the budget hotels all over the world and these hotels are the lifeline for travel and tourism industry. The budget hotels do not usually have their own taxis or multicusine restaurants and the business of taxis and restaurants are shared by locals whereby they increase the income of the locals at large.

Unfortunately these hotels are not advertised anywhere or have any strategic business plans to survive this pandemic. Due to limited resources it is very difficult for these hotels to overcome this situation whereby the business of the locals is also affected.

To overcome this issue, this is what you should look for, Destination Hunter.

Destination Hunter is a global platform which connects this business segment to various channels of the world. Like, Tourism TV in Ghana, Flocy’s Destination in Cameroon, Joy Bangla Communications in Bangladesh, Canada, India, Pakistan, Cyprus, Indonesia, Morocco, Belize and many more countries with a program called “Destination Hunter”. The program name will be Destination Hunter on which these hotels will be publicized.

Our team in your country will come to your hotel, shoot the entire amenities along with a host, edit the entire program into 3-5 minutes of video and this will be publicized on Destination Hunter along with an interview of the owner or the general manager of the hotel of 25-27 minutes. The cost of the food and lodging will be borne by the hotel owner along with the actual cost of photography, videography, editing and transmission. This will give a direct connect to the traveler and the hotel. In Future, we also are in the planning stage of a website and a mobile application.


Hotel booking sites like show only the photographs and write down about the amenities and the tourist is not able to get a human touch towards the amenities and the beauty of the hotel but, Destination Hunter not only shows the video and photographs of the hotel but also shows an exclusive interview of the hotel owner which gives a feeling of closeness to the prospective tourist and builds a linking bridge between the prospective tourist guest and the hotel with their owner

By Dr. Manohar Roy, Director Destination Hunter Global +91-9823178665


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