Endurance Drive - An unique test of capabilities & promoting gender equality


Big Bash Sports League launches a first of its kind and one of the most awaited events of the year enduring on-road and off-roading skills. This involves covering a distance of 3889 Kilometers driving from the Leh to Kanyakumari, challenging your mental and physical skills including safety and strategy. Driver experience will include speed with safety while off-roading through the most mountain terrains to the most beautiful scenic southern greens.

Tablers from Nagpur Tigers RT 299 Tabler Shubham Jain Chairman, Tabler Nishant Yaducka City Coordinator and Tabler Piyush Goyal were present to greet them at their Nagpur Pit Stop at Iora Palms.

Flagged off virtually by Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari in Mumbai on Sunday 29th morning from Raymond Compounds, the agenda of this expedition is to showcase to our Youth that driving safely on roads is not only fun but also adventurous, as this drive will ensure drivers obey every single Traffic Law.

Associated with Round Table India, an organization that supports Freedom through Education as well as enables and empowers people from different walks of life impacting 7.86 million underprivileged children building 7141 classrooms, this never attempted before event will focus on promoting safety and creating awareness about Motor Sports. The hidden agenda is also to promote "Women" in Motorsports.

Total 73hours of drive time with 5 regular pit stops at Chandigarh, Jhansi, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Bangalore, under the ambit of TSD format (Time, speed & distance) all through the drive. Seven Teams of 4 drivers each will strives their best of the patience levels to win the prestigious trophy of DREAMDRIVE Season-1 and also opportunity to be a part of 4 world records.

The pioneer and brainchild of the event, an Engineer, Entrepreneur Shital M Pithawalla, and a mother of two, dreams to rise beyond the orthodoxy and address the future of Indian Women in Motor Sports alongside Henil Nirban, a polymath with a lot of energy is filled with zeal and enthusiasm. He is a renowned leader in B2B marketing and is a core part of the dream drive. Also awarded as the youngest Tabler of round table India and chapter leader for state of youth Gujarat, Henil takes great pride in being a sportsman with a spirit of never giving up.

In the world of COVID pandemic, when lives have been restricted to the interiors, they endeavour to take this Dream Drive Endurance challenge and spread the message that Life still continues and the World is even more beautiful.

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