Faisal Chowdhury: A Young Man who dared to work for humanity

Touhid Muhammad Faisal Kamal Chowdhury a young political activist of ruling party Bangladesh Awami league, an ICT consultant, Business entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He belongs to a reputed political family of port city Chattogram of Bangladesh. His grandfather Alhaj Touhidul Alam Chowdhury was one of the founder organizer and activist of Awami league, a social reformer and founder of several educational institutes during erstwhile East Pakistan and just after liberation of Bangladesh. His father Late Mostafa Kamal Pasha Chowdhury was a businessman and politician too.

Faisal Kamal Chowdhury joined student politics at the very early age of 13 as Organizing Secretary of BCL at his local ward Chawkbazar and he was the Convener of his college Chattogram college student league. After completion of secondary and higher secondary education with science background and very good results further he pursued his study at Kirori Mal College (KMC) a renowned educational institute of Delhi University, India. He studied at IPMS, Mumbai and Assam Don Bosco University. His major was Computer Science, Management, Accounting, Finance and Economics in his under graduation, graduation and post-graduation studies. In the year 2003 he started activities of Bangladesh Awami League and established a philanthropic organization IRCB through which he was serving humanity in health, education, warm clothes and food sectors. He has been serving humanity in the last 18 years by using his own funds and some helps of CSR and Zakat funds of some corporate groups like BSRM, Shukran Rice Mill, Imperial Group, Islam Steels, Rahimafrooz and Robi Telecom.

He has donated more than 2000 for free treatments to eye patients in Chittagong Lions Eye Hospital. He has distributed 1000 warm clothes and blankets every year to the very poor, citizens in rural areas during winter season. He has been serving food to poor every year through dry food grains (Rice, Dal, Potatoes and Onions) and ready cooked foods like Khichadi (Plain rice and meat).

He has been distributing computers for rural helpless students in different unions and different educational stationery like Register, Pen, and Pencils etc. He inaugurated several mobile mass education programs, distributed solar panels for electricity less educational institutes too.

He has been working for women empowerment since 2005 through pursuing education for girls, organizing job oriented training for adult women.

The point which obliged us to cover this feature on Faisal Kamal Chowdhury is his services to the nation during the last one year of Corona Pandemic.

Bangladesh is a middle income country. Due to COVID pandemic the poverty level of the country rose like anything. In March 2020, during the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Faisal Kamal Chowdhury helped thousands of families of laborers and workers to meet their daily needs since March 2020.

He covered different wards of Chattogram city and Upazilla(Sub Districts) areas of Fatikchari, Hathazari, Patiya, Anowara,Satkaniya and many more.

He distributed Masks, Hand sanitizers, soaps, bleaching powders, PPE etc. for police departments and different volunteer organizations. He did it for below poverty rickshaw pullers, daily laborers and workers who could not afford to buy those safety goods. His dry food distribution is still running and packed ready food distribution is ongoing every day.

He is a man who dared to take the burden of thousands of foodless poor. This is to mention that he is the shortlisted nomination seeker of Member of Parliament of Bangladesh from his party Bangladesh Awami League for 2014 and 2018 national election. He is the General Secretary of Bangladesh India friendship society Chattogram, Member secretary and Member of Governing body of Bangabandhu Research Center Bangladesh, Member Secretary of Muktijuddho Academy trust Chattogram etc.

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