International Tourism Expo to be held at Accra, Ghana in September 2021

The International Tourism Expo in Accra, Ghana, has been organized by Accra organizers in collaboration with the School of Creative Arts and the University of Education.

Accra: The Inter-Tourism Expo, to be held in September this year, sponsored by the International School of Creative Arts and the University of Education, aims to fully explore all aspects of Ghana as a tourist destination in the world in terms of tradition and culture. To advertise

Mr. Emmanuel Trico, Global Signature and Convener of the International Tourism Expo, reiterated in a statement that in terms of administrative tools to promote the creative work of the School of Creative Arts, UEW, the Expo is purely creative arts. There is an urgent need to integrate the industry as a whole and to further bridge the gap between academia and industry.

The expo will further strengthen the creative arts industry and the gap between academia and industry.

The University of Education welcomes the idea of ​​participating in the successful organization of the 2021 Inter-Tourism Expo Accra event.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Patrick de Graf-Yankson, Dean of the School of Creative Arts at the University of Education, and included Professor Ernest Kosi Imponsa, Dean, Student Affairs, UW, and Dr. Juliana Daniel, Vice Dean of Student Affairs. Were , Also doubles as a liaison for UEW, University and Expo Management Desk.

Heads of departments were also present at the meeting to highlight creative arts offerings, including theater arts, music, graphic design and arts education. The Dean of Teachers visited various departments to see more of the students' artwork that will be on display.

The School of Creative Arts, UEW is committed to ensuring that students strive and maintain academic excellence in various areas of their expertise in the arts and culture landscape. In addition, the school prepares students in the arts as educators, organizers and artists in the promotion of the arts and culture who can exploit the creative and modern environment to create new ideas.

UEW includes state-of-the-art state-of-the-art production and recording studios where industry-leading scholars and artisans can be trained and showcased their talents and creative contributions at the Inter-Tourism Expo on September 28-30, 2021. The opportunity to share is also ready.

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