Memoirs of a place and people that has etched an indelible mark in my mind, heart and Soul

As the date for my leaving this city, for good, draws closer, the entire nine years that I spent here, flashes by and my heart is filled with very fond memories.

It was all because of my Master, My Guru, and My Mentor that I came to Chennai. Looking back, I realize that He had this all planned for me, because it is here in Chennai that I learnt and undertook many difficult endeavours. Among many other changes of aspects and facets of my life, vitally, I finally learnt to let go, everything that I used to grudgingly hold, unnecessarily bear, the painful list of do’s and don’ts that I learnt to release. That in-turn gave me the immense impetus and opportunity to grow as a person.

Chennai will be a huge chapter in my life. This is where I earned some beautiful friendships of some beautiful souls who have forever changed my life.This is where I became really good at the work that I do. I learnt my profession better and executed it to the best using all my innate and acquired skills. The people of this city too have shaped me and made me who I am today, for which, I am grateful and I have dearth of words to even express my gratitude.

I have always admired the people of Tamil Nadu and had often written on the Tamilian men and the respect they shower on women which I learnt within few months of arriving here. Because as a north Indian that’s the first thing that blows you out of your mind, (will leave few things in dotted line for people to make their own conclusions to what I am referring to!!)

I can’t say that there were no hiccups which of course existed. What with all that struggle to guide the Ola driver to my house who spoke in only Tamil and with me trying in vain, with all my limited Tamil language vocabulary that still starts and finishes with “Anna”, “Wango”, “Ippo”…!!

I will carry with me the circle of trust and friendship formed during these last few years always. Like I said, a huge chapter ends in my life. I do look forward to the next phase, the next chapter…, but I leave behind a piece of my heart here.

Chennai and the people of Chennai who have embodied the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, I do hope I will continue to visit you often, and you will continue to shower the same happiness and love that I have savoured over the years.

I remember the Sanksrit Shoka:

यथा चिन्थ थाथा वाचो यथा वचस्थ क्रिया l

चिथे वाची क्रियाएँ च साधुनामेयकारूथा ll

yatha chinth thaatha vaacho yatha vachasth kriya,

chithe vaachee kriyaen ch saadhunaameyakaarootha:


As is the mind, so is the speech, as is the aspeech so is the action.

Of the Good people there is uniformity in mind, speech and action.

By Shalini Nair, L&D Professional

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