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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

· Chennai is really safe for girls.

I moved to Chennai in November 2012, prior to that I have often visited Chennai but that was literally flying in and flying out. And now as a resident of Chennai, I have often thought of this city and what makes it so special. Yes I don’t know the language and I guess I never will! (Married to a Mallu and never ever learnt to pronounce “Pallam” (banana- see I told you, I can’t even write it correctly!).

Well anyways, back to what I was saying. The other day my friend called me from Chandigarh and said her daughter is now at Officer’s Training Academy and said “You know Chennai is really safe for girls”. And don’t I know that by now! Yes this is what is so special about this city. It’s a safe city. Having lived in metros like Aamchi Mumbai, Dill Waalon Ki Delhi, I know what “safe” means and what value we women give to it. Best part is you don’t even get stared at while walking down the streets or by-lanes. Boy (pun intended) that can be liberating!

So Chennai guys this is an ode to you all. Thank you. Thank you so very much. You respect women and look at her as a person and not as some object. My country cousins (men in particular) have few things to learn from you. And you must teach them how to respect women, how to love and want daughters.

This is also gratitude to your parents for having brought you up in the right way. What did you feed them Amma? What special ingredient do you put in the Dosa? J Or is it the Idli Podi? Aah!! it must be the lungi that Appa taught you to wear (all this in a lighter vein).

Whatever be the cause, you Chennai guys simply rock! And please continue to make this city so special.

By Shalini Nair.

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