Poor man’s cold water storage

With Nagpur’s summer heat soaring high and on the rise every day, the respite to a parched throat by a drink of cold water definitely is a boon.

Earthen pots popularly known as Matka, definitely provides cold water to the poor as well as the rich alike. While for the poor, this is the sole provider of cold water, the well-off who can afford fridge avail cold water cooled by the refrigerator.

With the changing times, the shapes of earthen pots which used to be round in shape has assumed or morphed to utilitarian shapes. These are:

  • A big round pot capable of storing large amount of water

  • A jug shaped earthen ware for the table (capable of holding two bottle of cold water)

  • A bottle shaped earthen ware to carry water with you while you travel.

Apart from these colourful and decorative pots too are available which have utility as well as decorative appeal value.

This is one vendor who is allowed by the authorities since even the cops placed on duty at various squares (to monitor movement of people in the wake of COVOD-19) need cold water in this hot weather. The purchase of these earthen wares will definitely facilitate sole source of income to the potter’s family and the potter’s community.

Of course the off-season rains do provide some respite from the heat.

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