Round Table India and Ladies Circle India initiates RTI Kitchen to provide cooked meals to migrants

  • Nagpur Kitchen gives out 3600 meals per day and increasing another kitchen

  • 75000 Meals served in Nagpur alone.

  • Appeal to contribute generously in cash or kind towards this initiative

Nagpur: For the first time, a deadly air-borne disease brought not only the nation but the entire world to a stand- still. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all the regular and day to day aspects of life. Total lock-down with practicing social distancing was the only solution. Of course this total lock-down which was not executed properly caused a lot of harrowing experience for the denizens. Lack of resources to satiate hunger especially the poor, daily-wage labourers, migrant workers and all people in the lower income strata. They have been ousted from their homes and are left with no income and no food.

Some very socially conscientious and philanthropic organizations had meeting via telephonic conferencing and have taken steps to alleviate the problems of the hungry masses.

Round Table India has started a national Initiative called RTI Kitchen where in cooked meals are being provided to the affected migrant workers, daily wage laborers, Orphanages, widow households with kids & homeless people.

While speaking to media personnel, RTI Nagpur Kitchen Coordinator Tabler Vedant Agrawal said that with the constraints, the food packet is designed or cooked in consultation with a nutritionist. This packet is wholesome containing nutrients and packed with enough material to make a person subsist for an entire day.

As on date Round Table India has served 4, 71,254 Nos of meals across India since April 1, 2020 out of which 75000 meals have been served in Nagpur. The Nagpur kitchen has been set up in association with MHA Education Society and has the support of various prominent people of Nagpur.

Various socially conscientious organizations and people have contributed in cash and kind (Rice, wheat-flour, pulses, vegetables etc.) to the Round Table India, Nagpur Chapter.

Our volunteers Suraj, Kamlesh, Anis and Nilesh oversee the operation and distribution of the RTI kitchen programme. Local authorities have given the necessary permissions to operate this community kitchen and have provided guidance to the men on the measures needed to handle contactless food deliveries. They have been provided with personal protective equipment along with consumables like sanitizers and soap to keep them as well as the recipients safe. Engagement in this work potentially risks the wellbeing of the volunteers but still they choose to ensure that the poor and the desperate don’t go hungry in this time of crisis. The kitchen is established at Raj Nagar Government Quarters, near Mental Hospital square Nagpur, and intend to provide cooked food packets to people in need till the end of this crisis.

District Collector assures of support

The District Collector of Nagpur recognized the unconditional philanthropic work that the Round Table India, Nagpur has displaced during this period of crisis of COVID-19 pandemic. After a careful review of our performance and impact to society the District Collector has recommended allotment of 4MT of rice and 1 MT of wheat to be issued to the Nagpur RTI kitchen from the Food Corporation of India stocks. This is a huge boost to the Nagpur Kitchen.

While thanking the generosity shown by fellow Tablers, Circlers, Sq. Legs and well wishers, the office-bearers of Round Table India and Circlers, they appeal to the public at large to contribute to the cause in cash or kind, please contact Vedant Agrawal 9890039000.

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