Round Table World unites & responds to conflict in Ukraine with kindness

International: The philanthropic work which Round Table World has been undertaking around the world is enabled through a network of over thousands of members and volunteers, who have committed to positively impact the world by dedicating their time and resources. The Tablers’ network helps expand their reach to serve millions of vulnerable people each year during times of natural calamities. The Round Table World has reached the victims of natural calamities around the world including India (especially during floods, earthquakes, famine and Covid-19 pandemic.

Members and volunteers from across the globe are working tirelessly to reach out to those affected by the ongoing war too. In less than a week, the Round Table fraternity has raised more than € 1,000,000 allocated to destitute families. Most notably, Round Table Central and Eastern Europe Region are spearheading the humanitarian aid effort. More than 14 lorries/trucks arrived with humanitarian aid and medication in the border region to Ukraine. Round Table Moldova and Round Table Romania already established refugee camps and hotels with special support.

People can assist those in dire need and send donations via PayPal to PAYPAL@RTD-STIFTUNG.DE Reference "Convoy".

Tabler Aviral Jain of Lucknow Round Table who is the Chairman of ASPA (Asia Pacific) Region, Round Table International is spearheading the humanitarian efforts and collection of funds and humanitarian contributions from the Asia Pacific Region.

The Tablers all over the world have lauded everyone involved in the humanitarian efforts. “We are extremely proud to be a part of an organization that puts compassion first”, is the comment of most of the Tablers. If you can assist those in dire need, please view the donation details in the comment section.

Round Table is an international service club of young men between the ages of 18 and 40/45 with the aim of promoting friendly and social life in the respective place of residence and helping people in need through service activities.

Video: Moldova's Timofei Stratanenco updates and thanks to those that have supported their efforts.

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