RTI’s focus this year to be project "Heal” and Ladies Circle India’s focus to be “Sky full of Stars”

· Project Heal: RTI aims in assisting to provide medical facility like beds or medical equipment to Government Hospitals in the rural areas

· The Annual general meeting of Round Table India Area 3 and Area 15 along with Ladies Circle India Area 3 held on 24th and 25th September at St. Regis Mumbai.

· All Tablers and Circlers came together to celebrate the successes and learning of last year and plan and prepare for the upcoming year.

The long term project of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India is “FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION” where we provide infrastructure and school buildings to underprivileged along with other community services. In last 23 years Round Table India has built 7505 classrooms, 3million Sq. feet of construction which have an impact on the education of 7.9million children.

Nagpur was represented by four Table Chapters – NRT83, NART 180, NTRT 299, NSRT 258 and Ladies Circle was represented by Nagpur Ladies Circle 50.

· Nagpur Round Table 83 (NRT83) was awarded Bronze for publicity and Silver for fundraising

· Area Honorary Tabler Sharad Agrawal was awarded special Recognition as well.

· Nagpur Ladies Circle 50 (NLC50) was awarded Gold for Non Educate to Empower (E2 E) Projects, Gold for Extensions, Gold for Publicity, Silver for Leadership And Personality Development, Silver for Fundraiser.

· Area Chair Person Recognition for Circler Esha Agarwal (Area Fellowship Convenor), Gold for Balanced Activity.

· Silver for Best Chairperson to Sakshi Diwanka

· Gold for Best Secretary to Megha Agrawal

· Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 (NSRT 258) was awarded Bronze for community service,

· Young Performing Tabler Rohit Buty,

· COVID Warrior - Brajesh Murarka,

· Special recognition and Area Chairperson Star Pin to Tabler Vishesh Agrawal.

· Immediate Past Chairman Tabler Gaurav Chouksey of Nagpur Aurthurs Round Table (NART 180) was awarded Gold for Fittest Tabler.

· Nagpur Tigers Round Table 299 (NTRT 299) was awarded Silver for Intra Table fellowship

· Bronze for Fundraiser and 24 X 7 Tabler to Vedant Agrawal.

A new focus for this year is project "Heal” where RTI is assisting to provide medical facility like beds or medical equipment to Government Hospitals in the rural areas.

This year Round Table India Area 3 Chairman Tabler Vedant Agarwal revealed this year theme "APNI YAARI SABSEY PYARI" along with his Area board. Head Board for this year are Tabler Vickaash Agarwal (IPAC), Tabler Sandeep Sahu (Area Secretary Treasurer), Tabler Kunal Agarwal ( AVC)

Similarly Ladies Circle India Area 3 Chairperson Circler Nishreen Kachwalla revealed her head IPAC Circler Farheen Rana, AVC Circler Ankita Agrawal, AST Circler Sakshi Diwanka

Area 3 Chairperson of Ladies Circle India Area 3 Circler Nishreen Kachwalla revealed that this year’s theme "You are Stardust".

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